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What's Your Fashion?

A lot of us think that fashion has to do with clothes and shoes and purses or suits and ties or that it means looking our best. Truth is that fashion is about many things we still don't know about for example, for some folks it could be about an inner exuberance to make you glow rather than a piece of clothing on the physical and for some it's about telling people something with what they wear in order to express who they are or say where they come from like culture, status, eg. a piece of roma skirt tells us someone might be a gypsy or a kente outfit might tell us someone is Ghanian. It can also mean being all about the latest trends to some others and it could mean something more in the lines of how you combine your clothing that is your styling for some. Knowing oneself and what they want is key to knowing how to be fashionable. Where Does Your Mind Take You When They Say Fashion...? 

This May Make You Think, What's Your Fashion? 

1) Accessories
2) Clothes
3) Shoes
4) Hair Styles
5) Jerseys
6) Cars

1) Fun and Passion
2) Style and Taste
3) Poise and Grace
4) Inner Beauty and Smiles
4) Smarts and Brains
5) Swag and Charisma
6) Expression and Personality
Meanwhile, Here's A Couple Ways You Can Wear A Flowery Sleeveless Top This Spring!!!
Top from Topshop
Shoes from JustFab
Tulle Skirt from H&M
Shaping Jeans from H&M 

1) Flirt
2) Photo-shoot
3) Cat Walk
4) Dance
5) Blog
6) Vlog

1) Tattoos
2) Piercings
3) Hair Dyes
4) Make-up
5) Nails
6) Spa

Had time to reflect? Pose this question to someone you know by sharing this post and see what their answer will be. Comment below on what matters more to you about fashion ...what's your take on this? Go on, what are you waiting for!? ♡


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    1. Thanks a lot, glad you liked it! ❤

  2. This amazing 😉 😘😘😘

  3. Those shoes❤️❤️ And truly fashion goes way beyond outfits!

    1. Haha thanks. // Exactly! People define or use fashion in various/different ways and for many reasons...


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