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I love to write inspirational or motivational quotes and what not and I'm happy to share with the hope to inspire someone so here we are as they come to me. Most recent ones on the top.


A Beautiful Lady Is Like A Flower, Subtle But Sublime. ~Tammy D.

If You Ever Want To Make A Decision, First Ask Yourself Where It Leaves You. Consequences Are Inevitable. Not Every Path You'll Wanna Take Will Be The One. But If You Keep Your Eyes On The Price ...In Other Words Determination, Then Any Setback Can Make You Win. ~Tammy D.

Stay Positive. Gratitude Is Good Attitude. Be Sure To Say Thank You To Our Maker And Others Around You. Speak Only Good Things Esp. To Yourself. Words Are Powerful. ~Tammy D.

According To My Fave Book,( The Bible), "Children Are A Heritage Of God."
So Let's Honour Them, Respect Them, Teach Them, Nurture Their Talents And Most Of All Teach Them About God. And None The Least Let's Let Them Be Kids If We Don't Want A Big Baby Later On In The Future. ~Tammy Dangtim

God Always Knows What He's Doing...He Showed Me Some Of That When He Redeemed His Promises Recently And On Top Of That Promised Me More! ~Tammy D.

You're Not Defined By The Pressure Around You But By The Joy That Runs Itself Over And Seeps From The Inside Out, That Which Makes You Glow Inexplicably As You Incessantly Thrive. ~Tammy D.

The Things You Go Through On A Daily Basis Are Steps To Prep You For Tomorrow. ~Tammy D.

Rejoice In The Lord Always For He's Already Given Me Peace And The Path Has Been Paved For Me. Mon Dieu Je Dis Tres Bien Merci Pour Vous. ~Tammy D.

No Matter How Your Life Journey Has Been, How Far Or How Much You've Wandered, Or What You Have Gone Through, Your Time Of Goodness And Mercy Will CERTAINLY Show Up ...Duly! Because You Look Lost Doesn't Mean That's Where You Will Stay. Your Shine Will Come Like A Thief In The Night. But Then Don't Forget To Keep God Close Because You CAN'T Do It Without His HELP. Be Kind For You Never Know Who You're Being Kind To. And Eminently Don't Forget To Say Thank You To Whom You Ought To Starting With God. And As I Always Say, You Must BELIEVE In Your Heart That It Is Yours. ~Tammy D.

Be What You Want. Don't Be Afraid. Just Do It. ~Tammy D.

A Girl Gotta Do Her Thing. ~Tammy D.

Live Your Life. You Can't Let It Pass You By, That's Right You Just You Can't. Remember You've Got Only A Short Period Of Time To This Life. So Take A Chill Pill And Live It, Love It, Own It. Own Yourself. You're The Bawse. So Do It Like A Bawse. Become Something. Become Somebody. Help Somebody Too. And Oh If Your Right Hand Ain't Workin' For Ya, Cut It Right Off. And After You've Done That, Ask God For Another. He Has Lots To Give If You Just Ask And Trust. Don't Know Where To Start? You Have A Talent Or More, You've Got A Skills Or Two, You've Got Brains, Dreams, Hobbies, Wisdom, Wishes, Passions, Knowledge, Education, Opportunities...List Goes On...Now Turn Them Into Goals. And Keep Going!! Anybody Tells You To Stop Tell Them Where The Stop Sign At Tho, Until You See One, You Gon Keep Goin'. Enjoy What You Do Tho. Because If You Don't Then It's Only A Matter Of Time Till You Fall Again. Don't Ever Loose Your Value, Whether Appearance Or Integrity... But Be Humble Too. Love Your Haters However Truth Be Told, Be Watchful Of Them And Pray For Them. Oh And Nonetheless Don't Forget To Look Good Hehe. 

In Everything You Desire, Action Is Required. Go And Get It! ~Tammy D.

The Best Feeling In This Life Is That Feeling When You Finally Find That Person You've Been Looking For...Yourself. ~Tammy D.

You're Not Here To Try And Fit In. You're Here To Make An Impact. And To Inspire Those That Come By Your Path. ~Tammy D.

Inevitably, There WILL Be Darts Designed To Swerve You Off Your Life Tracks. But Guess What, Only You Have Got That Right For The Better Or For Worse You Choose. Focus On The Tracks, Learn To Own Yourself, Pray For Direction, Acquire And Apply Wisdom...Always Keep On Growing And You Will Stay On Track. ~Tammy D.

God Doesn't See As Man Sees, He Sees The Inside. He's Evaluating You On The Basis Of Your Inner Qualities And Not What You're Wearing Or What You Look Like...And The Thought Of That In Itself Is Beauty... ~Tammy D.


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