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God Things

Stay Positive. Gratitude Is Good Attitude. Be Sure To Say Thank You To Our Maker And Others Around You. Speak Only Good Things Esp. To Yourself. Words Are Powerful. ~Tammy D.

According To My Fave Book,( The Bible), "Children Are A Heritage Of God." Psalm 127:3

So Let's Honour Them, Respect Them, Teach Them, Nurture Their Talents And Most Of All Teach Them About God. And None The Least Let's Let Them Be Kids If We Don't Want A Big Baby Later On In The Future. ~Tammy D. 

Every Step Gets You There. | "Don't Despise The Days Of Little..." Zachariah 4:10.

God Always Knows What He's Doing...He Showed Me Some Of That When He Redeemed His Promises Recently And On Top Of That Promised Me More! ~Tammy D.

He Put A Song In My Heart And A Smile On My Lips. ~Tammy D.

"The Will Of God Will Never Lead You Where The Grace Of God Won't Keep You." (Sourced)

Look You See This Man Jesus, He's Mighty In Me...And So I Walk In Power! I Love Enemies Because They Inspire Me To Do Even Better~Tammy D.

Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God And Everything Else Will Come. Matthew 6:33. 

All Things Worketh Together For My Good By His Grace. Ref Romans 8:28.

Rejoice In The Lord Always For He's Already Given Me Peace And The Path Has Been Paved For Me. Mon Dieu Je Dis Tres Bien Merci Pour Vous. ~Tammy D.

He Opposes The Proud But Gives Grace To The Humble. James 4:6.


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Dare Wear Prints In Fall x Handkerchief Skirt

This look was inspired by the gifts of the fall. The colours, the breeze, the dry leaves and tree branches, the rain, that damp smell from the wet soil, etcetera, ...feelings of the vibe in general from that transition period as we anticipate the much colder days...(aka snow). I'm loving the beauty it brings. 

My printed skirt reminds me that fall is full of many glories of art! 

It's even nicer pairing it up with a comfy sweater to stay warm, add on socks and boots and kick it off!  I'M LOVING THIS GORGEOUS HANDKERCHIEF SKIRT.

Skirt: Forever21 Boots: Just Fab Sweater : H&M

Mesh Dress + Jean Jacket

Well hey there!  Here's a great fall look for ya. With this look you'll feel fun, classy, sassy and sexy at the same time because of the drama that comes with this flattering mesh dress and the simplicity in the mixture of outfit colours altogether. With the fall (autumn) season at hands(and almost over), a cute little jean jacket over any dress is definitely the way to go! This look is good for a brunch or a date with bae. (Wink) ツ
Deets!! Dress : Topshop Jean Jacket: Old Navy Shoes: Just Fab. 


Happy Denim

Hey guys! Happy Saturday! I've Been Feeling Some Type Of Way Lately ...Pretty Much A Lot Of Joy So To Say. In Life,  If There Is Much To Celebrate Inwards Then There Will Be Much More To Celebrate Outwardly And Hence The Name I Chose For This Post "Happy Denim". I'm Wearing One Of My Favourite Denims And Heels. So Let's Play a Game, In This Post I Will Leave You To Guess On Your Own What The Full Outfit Looks Like As I Intentionally Did Not Post A Full Look Photo.  Have Fun! 

Happy Feet.

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