A millennial with much "grace" and lots of love for the colours pink and red and blue! Colourful bliss! She showcases her talent in styling through fashion blogging with the vision to empower women all over the world to wittingly come out and express themselves from whatever platform of life they're at be it age, race, shape, size, style sense, life stage/phase, expertise or profession, class or pocket etc; believing that each one of us has that POISEness (which means grace) within us to let out and blossom. 

I'm a Nigerian girl who's grown up in a few countries and resides in Vancouver. I happen to speak a number of languages and have also adopted "cultures" from all over the world as a result. However motherland is always the original me and is always home.

If someone besides myself were to describe me they'd probably say; she's a graceful, calm natured, and personable person, a mature, classy, drama-free, hardworking and God fearing, low-key rebel, seriously cook up a storm of a good meal at any given time and she sings darn well too. She's got a genuine heart for humanity and the less the privileged and massive love for kids.ツ   

Eventually my blog will be about Fashion, Food(my recipes) and Faith (my 3 F's) but for now the focus will be on fashion and styling.

I think personal style is what we use to speak our moods to people and represent ourselves.


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