Sweater Weather.

Hey poisers! Been a minute! Is it just me or do you guys ever feel like you just couldn't have enough sweaters in this cold weather and feel the need to keep buying and buying them sweaters!?! Or what's worse does anyone find that their closets/wardrobes are unintentionally or intentionally stacked up with all of the same kinds of sweaters or all similar colours? I recently noticed that I'm always inclined towards getting grey, brown, white or and black ones(black ones are my faves btw). Well sweat it no more! The simple secret in curing (haha) that mindset lies in how you style your sweaters. This season I'm going to be playing around with sweaters! Feel free to join me in this experiment! Don't forget to tag me your fun looks by @pinkerpoise #pinkerpoise on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

I will also be experimenting with colours so stay tuned! God's Love Colours My Life With Comfort And Beauty. 

A great companion this season is the turtleneck family or a good comfy scarf around your neck!☺

See how I styled this brown sweater. ツ

A side talk-in adds sass to the look.

Copy My Look ;
Handbag : @bags_hub_store (instagram)
Sweater : H&M
Pants : H&M
Shoes : Call It Spring
Leather Jacket : Winners

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  1. Beautiful as always. Happy holidays😍😘

    1. Thank you gorgeous! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ™‚


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