Fall Look x Fish Nets And Mini Skirts!

Hey there friends, poisers and awesome people! So it's been a good, good summer and it has also been great sharing my style journey with you ever since a few months ago when I started. So much good feedback from all angles and I'm still taking in more(haha). I laugh but I'm serious because I can't do this without you guys' feedbacks, criticisms, engagements, likes, comments, dislikes, shares subscriptions, follows and just your love basically!(Whew what did I miss? Oh and tell a friend about my blog website www.pinkerpoise.com especially if they're looking for style inspiration or looking to learn how to style all those forgotten pieces or praying to be used pieces that we all have hiding in our closets!). Thank you in advance. 😘😘

So it's day one of fall and it's also Friday! Someone said, "sweater weather is upon us." and in case you didn't know this, living in Vancouver means that we'll certainly be living up to the name "fall" with lots of rain falling almost everyday during the entire season(not my favourite thing might I add). With that said, I'd like to introduce my first fall look for this season like I said in my last post that I've got tons of them coming up!

Ps: I might also still do a final farewell summer post after this because summer is my favourite weatehr and just because I can!

Today's Outfit Deets
Fishnet Stockings/Nylons(they bring in some fun to this look that I absolutely love and they're in right now especially during the beginning of the year). -From Winners
Zara Mini Skirt (checked and with embroidery) -Alternatives Zara's Checked Mini Skirt or Zara's Embroidered Denim Skirt
H&M Turtle Neck Sweater (snug and sweet for the weather) - Alternative H&M
Just Fab High Heel Booties (dressy and comfortable at the same time) -Just Fab


Issa Booties 

Sugar, spice and everything poise. 

Go ahead and slay into the weekend!!

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