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Fall Look x Fish Nets And Mini Skirts!

Hey there friends, poisers and awesome people! So it's been a good, good summer and it has also been great sharing my style journey with you ever since a few months ago when I started. So much good feedback from all angles and I'm still taking in more(haha). I laugh but I'm serious because I can't do this without you guys' feedbacks, criticisms, engagements, likes, comments, dislikes, shares subscriptions, follows and just your love basically!(Whew what did I miss? Oh and tell a friend about my blog website especially if they're looking for style inspiration or looking to learn how to style all those forgotten pieces or praying to be used pieces that we all have hiding in our closets!). Thank you in advance. 😘😘

So it's day one of fall and it's also Friday! Someone said, "sweater weather is upon us." and in case you didn't know this, living in Vancouver means that we'll certainly be living up to the name "fal…

How To Play With Red Accessories x Loose Peplum Top.

Hey there poisers and friends!  Missed me did ya? Hehe likewise! Well I'm back to stoke up your fashion fire (cheesy). #UnleashIt! I'm so excited that I've got a bunch new looks lined up for fall coming up soon!!! #Grin. シ
Today's Outfit I recently got this souvenir from one of my fave places to shop for European hand bags, purses and such Bags Hubs Store so I decided to make a post based on it. I chose this really cute bright red studded shoulder bag and matched it with red pumps. Another highlight is this adorable loose stripped peplum top that has some trendy embroidered details and I paired it up with these slim fit white high waist pants.  I chose this look because I know many girls like myself who sometimes have fears around using bold colours and I say, "the bolder the better" ...and if that's too loud then simply tone it down a little with some neutral colours such as white, black etc which in turn actually brings out the beauty and subtle fiestiness …