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Sun Drenched. Mustard Romper.

Hello Fella's, first of all here's a poem I wrote for you. 

In A Dream At Night, It Said To Me That In The Morning The Sun Will Rise And It's Golden Beams Will Greet Me, Guided Through My Window They'll Meet My Face With A Soft Highlight, And So Then I Snugged My Cheeks To A Smile
Because I Knew That All Will Be Well.  

It Also Said That Soon The Night Will Set In As Even The Sun Will Recess, And Then The Moon Will So Shine   

And When At Dusk I Glared As This Said Moon Inched Nearer Across The Distance, It Recreated A Familiar Euphoria With Captivating Silvery Gleams Which Placed A Gentle Hello That Made This Melanin Of Mine Beget A Glitterness In The Dim Light And Then I Knew That All Was Well.  ~Tammy D.

Today's Outfit
This post is for some of us who have a hard time slipping into something fun and summery. I'm wearing a mustard yellow romper that is so cute you may not accessorize if you don't want to but I did. It's that simple! I wore brown sandals to go with my outfit which is subtle but classy. Have A Look! 🆗シ 

Le Papillon Des Fleurs


Camera Shy Or Nah?


Candid Moments  


Want To Mimic This Look? I've Done The Work For You ⇣

Mustard Romper from Zara(Sold Out): Similar Here Zara
Shoes from Tommy Hilfiger(Sold Out): Similar Here Just Fab
Satchel from Urban Behavior: Similar Here Lavenu for 10% off with discount code INSTA10
Earrings : Ali Express
Bracelets from Europe & Choker from Icing Accessories Store: Similar... Lavenu for 10% off with discount code INSTA10

Cheeks: Yours Truly. 😉


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