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Sun Drenched. Mustard Romper.

Hello Fella's, first of all here's a poem I wrote for you. 
In A Dream At Night, It Said To Me That In The Morning The Sun Will Rise And It's Golden Beams Will Greet Me, Guided Through My Window They'll Meet My Face With A Soft Highlight, And So Then I Snugged My Cheeks To A Smile
Because I Knew That All Will Be Well.  
It Also Said That Soon The Night Will Set In As Even The Sun Will Recess, And Then The Moon Will So Shine   
And When At Dusk I Glared As This Said Moon Inched Nearer Across The Distance, It Recreated A Familiar Euphoria With Captivating Silvery Gleams Which Placed A Gentle Hello That Made This Melanin Of Mine Beget A Glitterness In The Dim Light And Then I Knew That All Was Well.  ~Tammy D.
Today's Outfit
This post is for some of us who have a hard time slipping into something fun and summery. I'm wearing a mustard yellow romper that is so cute you may not accessorize if you don't want to but I did. It's that simple! I wore brown sandals to g…

Two-Outfits-In-One Summer Look. Shorts!

Hey there Guys!  How are we all? So I've given some thought to life and how things work out to be so darn beautiful. For example the springtime colours and its fragrances, the warm summer heat and it's accompanying joys, from the innocence of a wide eyed baby, to the rough and tough nature of the bark on a tree. Each of these have evolved through time amongst other complex factors, which in some contexts means patience. Sometimes patience is all you need if you're ever wondering what next and then voila the end is beautiful.  Another thing is that many times we see things around us but we don't realize that each one of these things came to existence from something, someplace maybe a major sculpting journey that became the beautiful story today. All thanks to our Maker. Alright let's move on to lecture number three, our OUTFIT!!☺シ
Today's look is about how you can turn one beautiful outfit into a new one. So say you've got high waist shorts, heels, sneakers…