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The Wedding Guest... Pretty in Pink Ankara Dress.

Hey Poisers! Hello friends!  Hey Guys! 
Haha you can tell I'm excited, I genuinely missed you all a few days has felt like ages! Thank you for the emails and style inquiries. Oh and remember to pleeeease share and subscribe for more posts like this delivered to you! 😘✨

Today I'm sharing with you what I wore to a Nigerian Wedding last weekend. That of a Nigerian Groom and a glowing melanin beauty from the Caribbean. 

I first wanted to wear a western look as usual but then decided to experiment with a more Africanized look. Now anybody who knows me knows I don't like wearing traditional clothes at all, simply because I'm not too keen about that whole trad look as much as I want to be ...not sure why something about it just never clicks for me and I don't get as excited as other people(whether worn on me or others)...God help me! Lol. Am I alone on this? (Tell me your own take in the comments below or email me). However social media has been contributing to fixing this issue as I see many gorgeous and beautifully made ankara materials and styles plus other Nigerian traditional attires all around and let's just say things are getting better and I'm loving it! (chuckles).  

I absolutely love the dress plus design plus ankara print and was asked a few times where I got it. This dress is many in one, a fun piece, classy, colourful, tasteful, vibrant and mature. It has a bow across the front, an elastic banded waist and shoulders (which can be worn as a square neck or and off shoulder). I chose this design myself and had it sewn in Nigeria. Design inspired by the Chloe Dress by DPiperTwins

The shoes (gifted to me a while ago) were even more fun than I presumed as they stole most of the attention that evening attracting compliments after compliments. (I ordinarily would go with a more muted pair of shoes due to the busy print dress but if you're feeling bold once in a while I'd say go for it, after all YOLO).  And guess what... yup, super comfortable they stayed on pretty much all night even as I turned up on that dance floor. Yes your girl dances, heey! But of course my usual calm personality always surfaced which was the perfect combo for a classy looking young lady on a good evening. 

This look is sure to get you admirations and confidence. Here are the visuals enjoy! 
 Chocolate Doll. 

Touched up with a pink clutch and choker

Graceful Glow. God's Glow. Poised Glow. 

Love it, hate it? Let me know what you think of the look. 

Dress: Similar: Chloe Dress
Clutch: H&M Clutches
Shoes: Just Fab
Choker: Icing


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