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Denim Dream Edition

Hey there poise friends! How's it going how's life and how's the styling? Let me know in the comments I wanna know! Also feel free to tag me on a look that was inspired from this blog on facebook(Pinker Poise) or instagram(@pinkerpoise) and don't forget to make use of your pintrests and pinning away! I'll be sure to re-post a shout out on my pages! Thank you for all the love I've been receiving from you guys really it's been very encouraging... don't stop and let's evolve together! Subscribe, comment, critique and share, share, share!シ
Like I always say, you have to always keep moving forward in life and keep growing for it's essential if you want to achieve a somewhat(if not completely) satisfying life.
Which reminds me, so I wrote on my instagram page that I've been feeling a bit extra lately and it's perhaps due to the fact that my birthday is in less than a week(5 days👀)! The thing is I always feel quite depressed on my birthdays either due to one reason or the other... ask me why I'll say I don't know and as someone who studied counselling you'd think I should eh? Well hey, we were taught to cater to others not ourselves (actually that's not entirely true but don't mind if I excuse myself that way for now, haha). Okay, okay confession time, I do have a minute phobia for old age...(even though I'm you, "I wanna be forever young...♫♬"). Haha I kid, I dream! But I am blessed with grace my friends and so are you, no tears here and let's all thank God for life!シ Grace is a big gift. Anyways, don't get it wrong I just might turn up (in my very simple way of course).
So now back to our regular fashion and glam talk, today's look was inspired by the immense never ending and trending love of denims. Everybody loves demin and I'll be doing various kinds of denim looks in the future so be sure to check it out. 

I'm wearing these really cool ripped jeans and a hang purse which I stumbled upon at Metrotown Mall, Burnaby. And then a little denim jacket from ForeverXXI with the picture of a tiger embroidered on the back. 

Worn with a ripped white T-shirt. 

Some heels then a belt for touch up.


Denim Jacket: ForeverXXI, Jeans Trousers and Purse : Urban Behaviour

Thank you and have a stylish weekend!

Sugar Spice and Everything Poise. ❥🎔♥♡


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