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The Wedding Guest... Pretty in Pink Ankara Dress.

Hey Poisers! Hello friends!  Hey Guys!  Haha you can tell I'm excited, I genuinely missed you all a few days has felt like ages! Thank you for the emails and style inquiries. Oh and remember to pleeeease share and subscribe for more posts like this delivered to you! 😘✨
Today I'm sharing with you what I wore to a Nigerian Wedding last weekend. That of a Nigerian Groom and a glowing melanin beauty from the Caribbean. 
I first wanted to wear a western look as usual but then decided to experiment with a more Africanized look. Now anybody who knows me knows I don't like wearing traditional clothes at all, simply because I'm not too keen about that whole trad look as much as I want to be ...not sure why something about it just never clicks for me and I don't get as excited as other people(whether worn on me or others)...God help me! Lol. Am I alone on this? (Tell me your own take in the comments below or email me). However social media has been contributing to fixing t…

How To Wear Men's Shirt

Hey Friends! One thing to know about clothing is that "how" you wear it makes the entire difference.  Take for instance how I wore this men's shirt and I'm guessing by now you're probably wondering why men's shirt, correct? The answer, that's just to show that you can make fashion out of anything if you get creative and it's not so hard! Plus it's fun! シ First decide what look you're going for: In this post I did a basic semi-serious look with a belt and then without. There are other cool ways you could wear men's shirts, sexy, and of course casual and relaxed looks and I'm willing to share in future posts if you guys want just let me know in the comment box or send me an email privately. Next choose a comfortable size: I'm wearing a Large Size Men's (41" - 43") and just to help you gauge what size does what, I usually range from Extra Small-Medium sizes (usually 6 or 8  ) and this varies depending on store or bra…

Denim Dream Edition

Hey there poise friends! How's it going how's life and how's the styling? Let me know in the comments I wanna know! Also feel free to tag me on a look that was inspired from this blog on facebook(Pinker Poise) or instagram(@pinkerpoise) and don't forget to make use of your pintrests and pinning away! I'll be sure to re-post a shout out on my pages! Thank you for all the love I've been receiving from you guys really it's been very encouraging... don't stop and let's evolve together! Subscribe, comment, critique and share, share, share!シ Like I always say, you have to always keep moving forward in life and keep growing for it's essential if you want to achieve a somewhat(if not completely) satisfying life. Which reminds me, so I wrote on my instagram page that I've been feeling a bit extra lately and it's perhaps due to the fact that my birthday is in less than a week(5 days👀)! The thing is I always feel quite depressed on my birthdays eith…

Nostalgic Collectibles

Hey Guys, so I looked up some old pictures from before I decided to start my fashion blog journey via my instagram @pinkerpoise and made a collection so I decided to blog it. Feel free to draw inspiration from any of the looks! And yes, you can contact me if you have any question. Have fun playing dress up! ❤
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