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Sunkissed Velvet

Hey there poisers!
So I've come in contact with a lot of people who've expressed their fears for wearing velvet. When I asked why, some of the answers were that it's too textured or too soft, delicate, heavy etc some even said they didn't know how to wear it. Before that I had no idea that there was any commotion about the beauty. But then I was quickly taken back to my childhood and I remembered when my mom dressed me and my sisters in a particular collection of velvet two piece outfit (top and pants). I had a yellow one disliked it only because it looked different I thought. I guess I couldn't make out what it was about the darn special thing. Whoever said different has to be bad eh?  ใ‚ท

๐ŸŒปSlay Jumpsuit๐ŸŒป

So anyways I decided to do some research about what I nicknamed "the velvetphobia". 
Turns out velvet is back in big! And it's very elegant I must say!
Check out Victoria Becham slaying'em in this ⇢Editorial

๐Ÿ”†๐ŸŒžSunkissed ๐ŸŒž๐Ÿ”†

There are different types of velvets, ranging from the weight and texture type to name a couple, crushed velvet, light velvet, velveteen etc. Now it would be wise to wear light velvet on a warmer day, and then any other one works great on the colder days. Yes they're actually handy when there's no one to keep you warm! True right? ☺

Since many velvet clothes come in nice bold colours, it is always a nice idea to pair it with a neutral colour in order to let out the glow of it. Or you can also wear a one tone look or one piece velvet item just like I have done. 

Also, I have seen some men wear this same material recently in the form of suits and blazers and quite dashing I must say.

Can you identify any velvets around you and see if you can admire the look, what's your take on it now? You can find them in form of tops, skirts, dresses, shoes and backpacks all around you.

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