Chasing Flowers In Style

Hey there Poisers! 

A Beautiful Lady Is Like A Flower, Subtle But Sublime. ~Tammy. 

 Today I'm wearing a pink-peach off shoulder top with ripped jeans and some accessories. I intentionally chose all black accessories for this look as I wanted a uniformed finish, but you could also experiment other options like use a purse/handbag of your colour choice.

From Her Lips She Speaks With Grace Only Wise Words To Bring Others Up...She Spake Words That Of Truth Which Can Cuff But Console. -Tammy Dangtim. 
Top: Urban Behaviour
Ripped Jeans: Urban Behaviour
Tassel Belt: Aldo
Purse: Urban Behaviour

So I Came Across This Piece Here From The Internet With A Few Random But Super Meaningful Words To Me.
Words Are Powerful. Which One Speaks to You and What Does It Say???

Grace Is Like Flowers, It Brings Radiance And Fragrance To Your Life And Makes You Feel Like You Have It Easy And With That You Can Achieve Anything You Deem Yourself To Be Able To Achieve So Long As You Believe It. -Tammy Dangtim

Candid moments 

Candid moments over.😋😘

You can wear this look out to the mall or to a date, to brunch, or to church. You can also wear it to go see the girls out in town or a concert or any other party.

Sugar, spice and everything poise.♡♥🎔
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