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Chasing Flowers In Style

Hey there Poisers! 

A Beautiful Lady Is Like A Flower, Subtle But Sublime. ~Tammy.   Today I'm wearing a pink-peach off shoulder top with ripped jeans and some accessories. I intentionally chose all black accessories for this look as I wanted a uniformed finish, but you could also experiment other options like use a purse/handbag of your colour choice. From Her Lips She Speaks With Grace Only Wise Words To Bring Others Up...She Spake Words That Of Truth Which Can Cuff But Console. -Tammy Dangtim.  Top: Urban Behaviour Ripped Jeans: Urban Behaviour Tassel Belt: Aldo Purse: Urban Behaviour Shoe: Call It Spring
So I Came Across This Piece Here From The Internet With A Few Random But Super Meaningful Words To Me.

The Off-Shoulder Shrug Language.

Hey there poisers! Happy girl here. Happy Friday! What do you think about off-shoulders? 

They are trendy for one and they have a way of making one look very elegant, classy and sexy at the same time. They come in many styles of tops, shirts, blouses and dresses. Here you see a white and blue stripped off-shoulder top which I got from Zara a few months ago worn with high waisted jeans and tucked in.
There's something about these jeans! High waist pants or denims are always a good look. You can also wear them with crop tops which happpens to be one of my favourite looks.  High waist denims and jeans:H&M Off shoulder top:Zara
When in doubt I always look up to the Man upstairs.πŸ˜‰πŸ†—πŸ‘πŸŒΊπŸŒ±

Candid moments.πŸ˜ΆπŸ‘€πŸ“Έ 🌸🌺🌼 Tip: The trick to wearing off shoulder tops is to wear a strapless bra/undergarments...or if you don't possess any of those then you can simply use a safety pin to hold or pin down the straps to the off-shoulder top or dress and that way your bra straps have no way of pee…

Sunkissed Velvet

Hey there poisers! So I've come in contact with a lot of people who've expressed their fears for wearing velvet. When I asked why, some of the answers were that it's too textured or too soft, delicate, heavy etc some even said they didn't know how to wear it. Before that I had no idea that there was any commotion about the beauty. But then I was quickly taken back to my childhood and I remembered when my mom dressed me and my sisters in a particular collection of velvet two piece outfit (top and pants). I had a yellow one disliked it only because it looked different I thought. I guess I couldn't make out what it was about the darn special thing. Whoever said different has to be bad eh?  γ‚·

So anyways I decided to do some research about what I nicknamed "the velvetphobia".  Turns out velvet is back in big! And it's very elegant I must say! Check out Victoria Becham slaying'em in this ⇢Editorial

There are different types of velvets, ranging from the…